Donating blood is always a good experience. It gives me a feeling that somewhere I am saving a life.

At: Wipro-I

I would encourage for these camps to happen more often and create awareness among people.

At: Wipro-I

Thanks for giving me a chance to help others by donating blood.

At: Wipro-I

Love All, Serve All


1) Good work. Hope to see you again!

2) Feeling good for being part of this good work.

3) Good initiative, nice treatment. Good volunteers.

4) It was cool, nice to give blood after sometime. Looking forward to your group next time. Thanking you guys for this wonderful job.

5) Guys those who want smile on your face please donate your blood...Save our next generation Thanks.


Its always a good feeling when you donate blood. Doctors and assistants were really helping everyone, even when a guy vomited none gave a bad facial expression_ keep up the good work


Experienced,very caring and helpful staffs. Blood donation was done smoothly.

At: Capgemini-XVII

The service is good and this 2nd time I am donating blood and it makes me feel good. I will be ready to give blood next time also if required.

At: Reva - II

It always feels good, good for both donor and recipient. Just 20-25 min effort can bring smile on my face. "Why not to do any thing like this" -Dubey


Thank you guys for organizing it. It was so excited and I finally did it. We expect more such social events at least once in 6 months in our campus. If I can donate I am always ready to help. Thanks for appreciation and efforts.
- Sunita


This was a feel good experience. Also there was no pain involved in the procedure. Fells Great


First time donating blood, I did not know how it went from our body and filled up the bottle :-) But it was great feeling.. and I did not fall down after donation blood.


Keep it up guys !! Great initiative.


Thanks to the organistaion for involving me for a good cause.

At: Aricent-III

No Pain only gain!

At: Schnieder-I

This is the first time I am giving the blood. It was nice experience. Hoping to give in future. Thanks to you people.

At: Capgemini-X

Feels good to be part of such social cause and hope this donation saves the life of some dear ones.


Thanks for organizing the blood donation camp. Looking forward after 3 months again.

At: Deutsche Bank-XI

Thank you very much for arranging such an event. This will surely help Logica to involve in the society effectively.


Thanks for organising a wonderful blood donation camp.This is very good initiative.

At: Deutsche Bank -V