Well organized this time. Keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity.

At: Deutsche Bank-XI

First time donating blood, I did not know how it went from our body and filled up the bottle :-) But it was great feeling.. and I did not fall down after donation blood.


We are very happy to service. It is good to donate blood.


It is very nice to donate blood in this donation camp.


This is the first time I donated blood. Feels good that my blood will be used gto save a life. I was quite nervous as it was the first time but now no more. Always heard that it was good for health, now let's see how it spans out. It was quite a jittery experience for me but feels good that I have done something good which I normally do not do.


I enjoy donating blood. I feel I am doing something good whenever I donate. I am always there for the one who is in need.


Blood donation is the least we can do to save life and spread hope for hundreds of ill people. I ensure that i donate once a year. I encourage my friends to do so too.


It was an excellent experience.Atleast a pouch of blood if could save any person's life,i am happy to be part of this noble cause.

At: Deutsche Bank -V

It was a good experience. People are nice and gentle.

At: Aricent-II

This is a wonderful programme.
Keep on doing every year.
I am happy to donate blood today because it is my birthday.


It is useful to maintain good health. Well organized. People were very kind and helpful/ Thanks for the opportunity.

At: Deutsche Bank-XI

It's my first donation. Good Experience.

At: Airtel -II

I have donated second time. So feeling so good. First time i was full of fear.


Thanks to the organistaion for involving me for a good cause.

At: Aricent-III

Good thing. we can possibly do only a few time. This is one of the good chance for me


It is a great experience to donate blood and the instruction where informative. Good luck.


Blood donation makes me feel like a responsible man toward humanity.

At: Huawei-I

It is the holiest work in the world which would save somebody's life. It is my honor that I am a part of it.
- Yogesh S


Very happy and thanks for giving me this golden opportunity.Please conduct this every 3 months.

At: Deutsche Bank -V

Having worked in the field of blood donation for 6 years now, taking up emergency blood requests day and night and experiencing the system first-hand from the patient's and donor's viewpoint, I am thoroughly convinced that the only method to put a complete end to the malpractice and problems related to blood banking is to organize 100% voluntary blood donation. For this to happen we need blood donation drives - not just once - but twice annually from all the responsible organizations.