Feels great! We must have these activities all over the country as a huge movement. Very satisfied and happy.

At: AMC -I

Very Nice encouragement. This is the 6th time I am donating blood. Feels happy. Keep it up. Thanks for the opportunity – Murali.N

At: TataPower - II

It was all smooth. Thank you for giving us a chance to donate. And God bless you all for this good work - Poornima
Happy to donate blood. It was a nice experience for me since this is the first time :-) Thank you.
This is the 11th time and the hospitality service provided is the "best" I have ever had. Highly appreciate your efforts. God bless you :-)
Happy to donate blood. Service was very good. - S Umasankar
Save life - donate blood! Happy!

At: Wipro-XXIV

Very lovely experience, lovely people around to help. Thank you


Blood donation is the least we can do to save life and spread hope for hundreds of ill people. I ensure that i donate once a year. I encourage my friends to do so too.


Excellent team work. Good. Keep it up - Hariharan

At: TataPower - II

Feeling better to donate i think after 1 year. Such kind of camps are required in campus/- Reddy


Felt good donation blood. Hospitality was too good from the volunteers.


- Well organized and impressed with the tag line " Your Blood Saves my Life"- Keep going
- Very happy feeling to donate blood. Thanks for conducting this camp
-First time experience of donating blood, feeling happy

At: Novo Nordisk-VII

It was a good experience. And there was no pain while donating blood

At: Wipro-I

It feels that I have made a thing that can make an other person alive.
- Hari.V.

At: Aegis -II

Nice Job. Good Experience. Very smoothly conducted camp. Keep up the Great job :-)


Nicely Organized. Quick Painless and Effective.


Thanks for helping us to take part in somebody life's- Rizwar
I feel good after donating blood, it will help some one. It's my first time to have this opportunity.. Feel proud- Abhishek Nahan

At: Sankalp-IV

It was the first time I donated blood after being rejected for the last 3 times. Thank you. It feels great.

Blood donation camp is well maintained. It would be better if it was organised in the middle of the month instead of the beginning because many of us very occupied with work. Thanks - Sreenivas

Very happy to have donated blood. It's good for health. Than you - Raju

I am a regular donor. I enjoy donating blood. It was a great experience. - Kinjal

donated blood after a gap of 2 years.. Feels good.

At: Capgemini-XXXI

Very good effort indeed. Thank you for providing this opportunity to serve. I appreciate your efforts.


1) Feeling good after donating blood. Good experience a request everyone to please donate blood. Thank you all.

2) I feel happy to donate, we expert this events to happen frequently.

3) First time I donated blood. It's a great feeling. Thanks for the opportunity.

4) It's a great feel and joy, that I am a part to save someone's life.

5) It a joy indeed to be helpful. It would have been even better experience if I found my attender(who collected my blood) be much more friendly.

6) My first blood donation went well with good hospitality. Thank you.

At: Capgemini-XXXVII

Donate blood and give life to others.

At: Aricent-III

Great service to mankind, happy to be a part of it. Kudos to SANKALP for arranging.