About Rakta Kranti


After having ensured that people are helped in emergencies and the roadmap for optimal utilization of available blood was laid out by Project Disha , Sankalp India Foundation took up the biggest challenge facing the blood donation services in Bangalore. With just about 50% voluntary blood donation in the city, the city was far from providing safe blood to all. This opened the gates for Rakta Kranti – The blood revolution. Rakta Kranti is an initiative by Sankalp India Foundation to bring in 100% Voluntary blood donation in Bangalore.

In spite of Bangalore being a city with a huge mass of informed and educated fairly young population, the city struggles to maintain stocks of voluntarily donated blood. The practice of replacement blood donation is highly prevalent. Not only does it impose immense pressure on the relatives of the patient, it is also a proven threat to blood safety.

Sankalp India Foundation thought of a solution to improve the scenario and thus an idea came across and thus the Rakta Kranti – Companies Wing was born.
So what does Rakta Kranti do? Rakta Kranti aims at organizing efficient and well-organized blood donation drives with standards that are comparable to the best in the world. These drives are held at places where potential donors gather on a day to day basis – their workplaces. We bring to the donor all the information relating to blood donation that makes him/her absolutely comfortable and confident about the process. The same information ensures that the donor himself/herself is in a position to demand quality from the blood banks, if not already given.

Another motive behind the existence is creating awareness. The need of the hour is to create a sense of responsibility, a sense of commitment for people to believe that we too need to contribute towards healthy blood banking. So every camp/drive aims to inform and educate, remove false myths and come back with a sense of having contributed to the voluntary blood donors’ population of India’s tech city.
This document gives a complete description of the working methodologies, the ideals, the goals, objectives and the much more about the Rakta Kranti – Companies Wing.


  1. Bring about as close as possible to 100% Voluntary Blood Donation in Bangalore
  2. Ensure well distributed blood supply to the various city regions all the year round.
  3. Have more organizations conduct regular Blood Donation Drives in city.
  4. Ensure world class donor safety procedures to be adopted in the Blood Donation Drives.
  5. Increase awareness about the need for regular voluntary donors.
  6. Motivate and educate potential donors to become regular blood donors.
  7. Facilitate the enhancement of procedures and methodologies used by the blood banks in order to enable them to deliver on the above goals.


  1. To ensure a steady increase and regularity in the blood donation drives that are being organized in the city.
  2. To ensure that the blood donation drives are well timed to prevent any citywide shortage of blood.
  3. To enable the drives to happen in a manner that ensures good distribution of blood throughout the city.
  4. To provided the necessary help required to rig up an excellent awareness, education and motivational programme before the camp in the host organizations.
  5. To ensure safety of donors during each and every camp.
  6. To adhere to a process of continuous improvement of the standards adopted by blood banks in these drives and the procedures adopted by “Rakta Kranti” by taking and analyzing feedback from all stake holders and perform necessary follow up action.
  7. To ensure that blood bank adhere to standard practices during the camp and thereby make no compromise on safety and quality
  8. Also, gradually increase the standards of the participating organizations to ensure the same independently.