Organize Blood Donation Drive

Thank you for planning to organize a blood donation drive at your organization. It is the Voluntary Blood Donation Drives planned by people like you that helps the suffering and the needs get blood readily in the hour of need.

The educational institutions and the corporates are the best places to organize the blood donation drives. Why?

  1. The people are educated and they are at an intellectual level to understand the need and the ease of donating blood.
  2. The blood donors in these places are the safest source of blood.

If you have not still been able to convince the management of your organization for arranging the blood donation drive, please visit Why you should Organize A Blood Donation Drive.

Given below is a 5 step success formula that SANKALP has designed for a Work place Blood Donation Drive. After many updates to our initial ideas, we have been able to apply these concrete set of ideas to good effects and the results are encouraging.

Step 1: Fix up the date, time and venue

Step 2: Formation of a TEAM RED

Step 3: Publicize the event

Step 4: Organise the drive

Step 5: Thank the donors