Admin Coordinator's Role

The Admin coordinator has the responsibility of making sure that the facilities are up to the mark for the blood donation drive. The tasks includes:

  1. Ensure the availability of necessary permissions for blood banks staff and other volunteers who will be attending the drive.
  2. Take care of refreshments (only of your organization is opting to arrange for it).
  3. Coordinate the availability of the venue and it's preparation for the drive.

Permissions for Staff

Please mail the blood bank requesting for the names and designations of all staff members coming for the drive. Please arrange for the necessary permissions for the blood bank staff, the parking of the blood bank vehicle and the movement of goods from the vehicle to the venue of the drive.


Normally blood banks are providing a basic refreshment after donation for the donors. This includes juice along with biscuits, banana or cake. But in case your organization wants to arrange for refreshment, the blood banks will be willing to pay Rs. 15-Rs. 20 per donor for the same. But you must make sure that all necessary arrangements are made by the catering services.

Requirement of the Space

The following are the important factors that you need to take care of in the selection of the place to hold the drive in.


The blood donation drives requires 3 different areas to be set up.

  1. Donor Registration and Waiting Area
  2. Actual Blood Donation Area
  3. Post Donation Donor Refreshment Area.

So either you must arrange for a large hall to house all three areas or you must arrange for separate rooms. A minimum of 2 rooms are required for the Donation area and the Refreshment area.


As per government regulation, the conduction of blood donation drives in pendals is strictly prohibited. You must have the blood donation area with walls on at least 3 sides and enclosed from the top. This is in the bets interest of donor's safety.

Air Conditioning

An Air-conditioned room is preferred for the room in which the actual donation take place and for the room in which the donors take refreshments after donation. This minimizes the chances of post donation complications.


In the absence of the Air Conditioner it is recommended you choose well ventilated rooms for the drive.


Keeping the room temperature around 25 degrees Centigrade ensures most pleasant donation experience.


You must ensure that the donation room is well lit. This is required for the technicians to locate the veins accurately.


Please get the donation room moped with phenol water before donation.