Some Ideas to Make the Blood Donation Drive Fabulous

Here are a few ideas that may be very helpful in making the event interactive and more successful. These ideas have evolved after a considerable amount of research on donor motivation methodologies across the world.

Involvement of the Management

It will be good if Senior management can mail all the employees about the blood donation drive and also encourage and motivate employees to join in. Along with this if he can request all the managers to promote the event within their teams by sending out a mail to people in their group, it will add to the affect. This may help bring in creating an excellent atmosphere throughout the organization.

Looking For Reasons To Donate Blood Presentation

Please have a look at the two of them. I have designed these presentations to help people who are not very sure why they should donate blood. This is a powerful tool in donor motivation.

If you find these presentations motivating then we can attach them to one of the mails.


Let us provide testimonials from co-workers whose lives have been touched by blood donation. Research shows that people are more likely to donate blood when they see a direct benefit.

This can be done by making A4 size posters with such testimonials and adding them to our current posters. If we put up a testimonial with the person’s image on it, people are very likely to stop by and read.

Special Snacks

Food is a big motivator. We can look towards having some great snacks arranged for the donors and putting in this information in the mail too.

Countdown Timer

We may put up a poster in the reception area right over the finger print reader. This poster can have days left for the blood donation drive along with a one liner. It is sure to catch everyone’s attention. By putting up just one important line daily, we will ensure that no-one misses out a crucial message.