Thank Donors

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Once the drive is over it is time to thank the donors and to give feedback to the blood banks and Sankalp.

Thank the Donors

On Behalf of the Team Red and the Management, ask one of the higher officials in the company to send in a thank you mail to everyone in the organization.

It is a good idea to include the names of all the donors and (if possible) a group photograph of the donors. You can upload the images and videos from the blood donation drive on a network folder or one of the multi-media sharing websites (Picasa, Flickr, Youtube etc) and provide links for all.

It is also a good idea to mention to the donors in this mail that they can always get in touch with the donor coordinator for any future queries and clarifications.

An exceptional thing to do will be to put up a big thank you poster at the entrance of the office the next morning with the messages and signatures of the management representatives, Team Red and the volunteers who join you for the camp. It will be something that the donors will be very happy and proud of. For more ideas on special ways to thank donors, please visit the link [THIS PAGE]{more donor thanking ideas}

Organize a Party for Team Red

A good thing to do after the blood donation drive is to appreciate the hard work put in by the Team Red to make the event successful by organizing a small Team Party. You may wish to go out together for a lunch or go for a movie. It adds to the team spirit and ensures greater enthusiasm and participation of each member in the future blood donation drives.