Donor Coordinator's Role

Registration of Donors

It is always a good idea to ask the willing donors to register in advance for the blood donation drive. By doing this, not only do you ensure that you have better estimates of the expected number of donations, you will also be able to make sure that the donors are invited to donate in a well distributed manner throughout the drive.

The publicity campaign can be aimed at requesting the donors to register by one of the following methods:

  1. Sending an Email: This is best when you do not already have information about the person's contact number, email ID and blood group. In an email, the donor can specify all of there details and also indicate preferred hours to donate blood.
  2. Outlook Poll: In case you are already aware of the details of all the people in your organization, you can simply invite them to an event - "Blood Donation Drive" and ask them to accept the invitation if they are willing to donate blood.
  3. Shared Excel Sheets: In case you have servers which have some space accessible to all the employees (or some related Intranet feature), then you can create an excel sheet and ask people to update it to register.
  4. Custom forms and databases can also be created for you on request. With this, you will simply have to circulate a web address where a person can go and register to donate blood

Maintain the donor database

Once you have got a database of willing blood donors, it is best to maintain it for future emergencies. You can simply arrange for all the data to be compiled in an excel sheet. When some new people join the organization, they can be asked if they are willing to donate blood in emergencies and accordingly added to the database.

This database will be very helpful when months later someone in your organization or outside is looking for some blood group in an emergency.

Donor Concerns and problems

You can maintain the Sankalp Contact , the blood bank contacts and the contacts of other related people after the drive. In case someone in the organization has any query/concern about the donation in future, you can act as the point of contact within the organization for these queries and re-direct them to the relevant people.

Donor Recognition and Encouragement

You Can track the regular blood donors from your organization and recognize their exemplary contribution. This will easily materialise over a period of 3-5 camps.