Organize the Drive

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A Day Before

Team Red should organize a meeting a day before the camp. This meeting is aimed at:

  1. Making sure that everything is in place
  2. Reconfirming that each of the coordinator has a complete understanding of their roles.
  3. Assign tasks to the volunteers to assist during the drive.

This check-list [THIS PAGE]{Check-list} will help the team ensure that all the things are the proceeding the way they were expected to proceed.

On the BIG Day

Even though the staff coming in to organize the blood donation drive are professionals and highly qualified, but there are areas where you can be of immense help. Your participation ensures that the donors receive greater support and warmth when they come to donate. Even though the donors are made aware of the process and the do's and the do not's, still it is required to remind the donors verbally about these issues in order to ensure a very safe and fabulous blood donation drive. The Team needs to divide itself into groups and assist the drive as indicated in "Roles of Volunteers on the day of The drive" below.