Form a Team Red

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Setting up of a good Team Red is vital to the organization of a fabulous blood donation drive. the presence and work of the team makes a world of difference to the blood donation drive in more than one ways.

  1. It facilitates donor education and motivation
  2. Ensures that the event is organized in the best kind of manner
  3. Provides people with an opportunity to participate and volunteer
  4. Keeps a check on issues relating to donor's safety and maximising the impact of the blood contributed.
  5. Remove myths, fears and doubts of donors.
  6. Give the event a shape of a "Celebration of Life" Making your drive fabulous - the extra steps

Getting Started With Team Red

The first Job is to get the right people to come forward to join the Team red. If you have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Team in your organization then you may invite them to be members of the team. The members of the HR (Human Resource) Team can also be approached directly. But the best thing to do will be to send an institution wide mail announcing the plan for the blood donation drive and asking the interested people to volunteer for the programme. Please find sample mails to invite people to join the team [THIS PAGE].

Once you have all the members of the Team Red identified you need to organize a meeting to assign the responsibilities and draw up a plan for the drive. It is wise to request for expert training to be provided during this meeting which will help people understand their roles in a better way. You can request for the training by expert volunteers Mail Us .

Identifying Roles And Responsibilities

The following are the roles and responsibilities that need to be identified and fixed in the Team Red.

Blood Drive Coordinator
The Roles of the Blood Drive Coordinator are:

  1. Coordinate all campaign details with Sankalp and Blood banks
  2. Direct the other coordinators and monitor all aspects of the drive.
  3. Keep the higher authorities informed.
  4. Keep track of the progress of the camp and ensure things are on track.
  5. Afterwards, evaluate the success of the blood drive and schedule the next one.

Blood Drive Coordinator's Role Will provide you more details.

Admin Coordinator

  1. Coordinate the availability of the venue and it's preparation for the drive.
  2. Ensure the availability of necessary permissions for blood banks staff and other volunteers who will be attending the drive.
  3. Take care of refreshments (only of your organization opts to arrange for it).

Admin Coordinator's Role will provide you more details.

Campaign Coordinator

  1. Promote the blood drive among the members of the organization at least 4 weeks in advance.
  2. Send out the required publicity/educational material at the appropriate times.
  3. Coordinate the other volunteers to help during the day of the drive.

[THIS PAGE]{Role of the drive coordinator} Will provide you more details.

Donor Coordinator

  1. To Arrange for the registration of the donors.
  2. To maintain the donor database, even after the drive.
  3. To re-direct any concerns/problems of the donors to the right people for prompt action.
  4. To coordinate donor recognitions and encouragement.
  5. Other interactions with the donors

Role of the Donor Coordinator Will provide you more details.

Other Volunteers
The other volunteers must be part of the Campaign team.