Fix up a date, time and venue

Set up a date and time

Once you have made up your mind to organize the blood donation drive, please set up a date and time. Fixing a date well in advance ensures that the drive is planned carefully to ensure regular supply of blood to the city.

Once you have the tentative idea about the possible dates of the camp, please fill in Request for a Camp to request for fixing up of date.

Regular donors can donate blood once every 90 days. Please try to organize 2 to 3 blood donation drive each year.

Please make sure that the following factors have been considered before proposing a date for the drive:

  1. Festivals and Public holidays
  2. Important Meetings/Conferences
  3. Availability of space
  4. Various different working timings and shifts

The blood donation drive should be held at a time when most of the people are not under pressure of work. Careful planning at the early stage will give you fabulous donor turnout in the end!