Get the Word Out

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The success of the blood donation drive is not only gauged by the number of units collected but more by the increase in awareness, understanding and willingness to participate in the blood donation drive. before we ask a person to donate blood, one of the things that should be done is address all the issues which normally keep people from coming forward freely to contribute to the cause.

In the 4 weeks prior to the blood donation drive, the motto is to inform everyone in the organization about the importance of Voluntary blood donation, the need in the society and the suffering that people go through, the benefits of Voluntary Blood Donation and clear off all doubts and misconceptions that people have regarding the process.

Watching enthusiastic Volunteers drive the campaign and the management participating to encourage the donations, many people break free from the barriers of indecision and come forward confidently to donate blood.

When, where, who, what, why, how

Let people know when and where the drive will take place, who can donate, why they should participate, and how they can help.

Some Idea to Make the Blood Donation Drive Fabulous will help you explore the various different ideas and tools that you can use to achieve the goal of bringing in awareness, confidence and excitement about the blood donation drive.