Why should you organize a blood donation drive?

Beside being the I.T. Hub of the Country, Bangalore is also the Health Capital of South India. People from around the globe travel to super-speciality hospitals like NIMHANS, Narayan Hrudayalaya, Manipal Hospitals, Sagar Apollo, M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospitals and many for for treatment. The City poses a huge blood requirement.

Out of the 2,00,000 (approx) units of blood the city requires annually only about 50% come from truly Voluntary sources. This means that the other 1,00,000 units of blood are donated in forced conditions. The city has more than 50 blood banks. But NACO Certified, truly reliable blood banks can be counted on finger tips. Every 2 minutes someone in Bangalore needs blood.

The blood banks are constrained. The donors are few. The requirements are immense.

Donating blood is a double blessing. Not only does it help save a precious human life, it also has immense health benefits for the donor. Please read the health benefits of donating blood to know more.

If only 1 % of the city's population donated blood regularly we will not only be able to meet the internal demand for blood but will also be able to spare some. The IT capital of the country also symbolizes as the educational hub. here people have education. They have employment. they understand the difference between right and the wrong clearly. But sadly even in this city we have extremely poor blood donation.

In no part of the world have Governments been able to solve the problem of providing safe and adequate blood supply without the support of the community. Blood can not be manufactured like other drugs. It is time that we stand up in this city and participate in enabling the doctors in their attempts, soothing the pain of the family members, creating world class medical facilities, strengthening the blood banks to serve better and helping save the patient's life..

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