Looking for Reasons to Donate Blood?

Did you know?


Every 2 minutes Someone
in Bangalore needs blood


India Ranks 82nd in Voluntary Blood Donation Index


39% of blood collected is available for 82% population in developed countries


Average donations per 1000 people is 12 times higher in high income countries


99% of the 5,00,000 women who during pregnancy and childbirth in
developing countries invariably require blood transfusion – the most
common cause of Maternal death


India has only 50%
Voluntary Blood donation


If only 1% of Indians
Voluntarily donate blood, we will have 40,00,000 extra units.


9 out of 10 people require blood transfusion at some time in their life.


One dengue patient is given
30-40 units
of plasma


You can help change these numbers! Join
in the upcoming blood donation drive and help save lives. 30 Minutes of your
time and a unit of blood is all it takes to save 3 lives.

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